CPROG List Members Directory

Name: Tom Avischious
Home: Colorado Springs, CO
Band: N/A
Email: N/A

Name: Jack Darida
Home: Manville, NJ
Band: N/A (Vocalist, Worship Leader, Occasional Trumpet, and Genuinely Bad Guitar)
Email: jdarida (at) net-lynx (dot) com

Name: Brett Darling
Home: Chantilly, VA
Band: Jough (self)
Email: bjawn (at) patriot (dot) net

Name: Scott Dietrick
Home: Battle Creek, NE
Band: Dichotomy (Bass/drums/keys/guitar/vocals/Songwriting/arranging/producing/engineering)
Email: dichotomy (at) cableone (dot) net, progman (at) cableone (dot) net

Name: Glenn G. Gamblin
Home: Manchester NH
Band: (none yet) 12-string acoustic guitar, lead electric guitar, vocals
Email: crimhedd (at) aol (dot) com

Name: Shellyn Renken Ganger
Home: Baltimore, MD
Band: N/A
Email: ShellynG (at) prodigy (dot) net

Name: Mike Gende
Home: Lockport, IL
Band: Fluid Time (Bass, Sax, Violin), Servant (Bass, Vocals)
Email: N/A

Name: Randy George
Home: Seattle, WA (Lynnwood actually)
Bands: Ajalon, Morning Light, Solo (Guitar, Keys, Bass, Bodhran)
Email: N/A

Name: David Gossett
Home: Louisville, KY
Band: Westport Road Baptist Church Choir, Vocal Ensemble-no name yet (Sax, Vocals)
Email: N/A

Name: Bill Hammell
Home: Highland Park, NJ
Band: Reek Hovok (ok, it's fake)
Email: Bill (at) progrock (dot) org

Name: Wil Henderson
Home: Seattle, WA
Band: Ajalon (Vocals, Bass, Penny Whistle, Vocal Arrangements)
Email: swampfox612 (at) aol (dot) com

Name: Dennis Hoenich
Home: Bedford, TX (between Dallas and Ft. Worth)
Band: N/A
Email: d_hoenich (at) hotmail (dot) com

Name: Jeff James
Home: Parma, OH
Band: N/A
Email: jjames (at) cuyahoga.lib.oh (dot) us

Name: Edward Jerlin
Home: Staten Island, New York, USA
Instruments: Keyboards, Drums, Learning Bass, try to sing
Bands: Everlasting Arms, Salem Outreach Band (SOB!)
Former Bands: Crossfire, Calvary Band

Name: Terri Jorgensen
Home: Mt. Pleasant, SC
Band: Vertical Alignment (Bass guitar, Djembe)
Email: N/A

Name: Pete Jorgensen
Home: Mt. Pleasant, SC
Band: Vertical Alignment (Roland VG-8 equipped guitar, keyboards, Cherokee flute, computer sequencing, slicing and dicing)
Email: thunder (at) thundersongs (dot) org

Name: Harry Pinkall
Home: Kiel, Germany
Band: N/A
Email: harald.pinkall (at) gsk (dot) com

Name: Valeria "Nenya" Alejandra Sosa
Home: Argentina, South America
Band: N/A
Email: N/A

Name: Dan Taylor
Home: 620 park ave Whitefish MT 59937
Band: (None yet) Flute,Digital wind, guitar(marginal), harmonica, Professional video producer, Graphic artist,photographer, ex-pastor, fool4christ
Email: dano (at) imrockys (dot) net

Name: Dave Taylor
Home: Ketchikan, Alaska
Bands: Driven Rain, Muskeg Sally (production, esoteric lyrics, melodies, handclaps, pots and pans --ok, my wife is the talent -- she is a killer vocalist and has recorded on a Vineyard worship CD)
Email: trout_hound (at) att (dot) net

Name: Mike Tenenbaum
Home: South Shore, Ma
Band: Akacia (Guitar, Voice)
Email: N/A