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Just twenty centuries ago, a Man
  That I know came to show us
  the Way.
Though many years have come
  and gone, His words will live
  on till the end of our day.
Our Heavenly Father, You gave us
  Your Son to die on the cross as
  a Lamb, to bear all the sins of
  the world who denied Him to be
  the great I AM.
Hear what I say, Hear what I

You are the Holiest One, the Maker
  and Giver of Life…
and by the touch of Your hand,
  You make all the rivers to run
Take the fire away from the sun.

And in our loneliest hour, we can
  call on His power to carry us
Although His kingdom is at Hand
  we must seek the promised
  land, His will and His truth.
Father and Spirit of God, You’re
  the Truth, the Way and the Life.
Make all the sins of ages
  forgotten so that no man can
Hear what I say, Hear what I pray


You are the Holiest One, Father,
  Spirit and Son…
and when our days are all done,
  You’ll be the only One who
  can give us the light…
take the darkness away from the

"Let our Lord Jesus be our sole
example of purity and perfection"

Don’t you need a little love and
cause you know that life can get
  a little too demanding.
When the hardest thing to do is
  turn and walk away,
Wen there’s nothing that anyone
  can do or say,
Your life is not your own,
So when you’re all alone…

Tell Him when your heart is crying,
  when on the inside you are dying.
Just call out the name of the One
   who holds you in his hands.
Time t give it all away and not
  hold on to yesterday.
It’s time to lay your life…life on
  the line.

Are you caught up in the day to
  day illusions.
Don’t be fooled to think the world
  can offer you solutions.
Will you let Him take control,
  when life has taken its toll.


"To give not all, is to give nothing"


Ooo, it doesn’t matter which
  way I turn, I get turned away.
No, it doesn’t matter how long I
  wait or how hard I pray.
Ooo, everytime I try to leave, I
  about to lose my mind, if I

Run to the Water,
Run to the Sea,
Let it carry me Homeward,
Run to the Water

Ooo, I wish I were a blind man,
then I wouldn’t have to see
  the way things really are, the
  true reality.
Ooo, I wish I were a child again,
  then I wouldn’t have to know
  the hand that we hold on to,
  sometimes they let go.
I’m gonna…


"Let us submerge in the refuge
and shelter of the Lord"


When I think of all the days that
  I have left behind,
moments few and far between
   keep going through my mind.
A little indecision may have come
  along the way, but I’ve run out
  of reasons I should run, run away.

When it all comes down to just
  a single moment…
the decisions that we make, will
  decide our dying day…
When all is said and done, we’re
   just a speck in all of time
and we must choose to follow
  You, when it all comes down

A little conversation sure can go
  a long, long way…
human desperations can lead us
  all astray.
A little bit of compassion isn’t
  enough to heal my pain…
when the world keeps crashin’
  down on me…Oh, like pourin’


"Though only a second separates
us from eternity, the decision as
to how it will be spent takes only
as long as well"


Someone is call is call is call,
  someone is calling me.
I hear the voice in the night, they’re
  all around, they know, they see,
  they take me down.
I don’t want to see the light of day,
I’m afraid of what the world may say.
Oh, I need to call on someone higher,
cause it’s getting right down to
  the wire.

And the wrapped around my heart is
  a wall, no one can see beyond
  the other side…

I’m caught up in this whole entire
  unforgiving line of fire,
And on the other side it’s waiting…

I hear voices in the night, I look
  around but there’s nothing in
  sight, I’m being taken down below.
They’re saying follow me, why
  don’t you follow me, I’m, being
  taken down below.

Somewhere beneath this mass
there seems to be a sure conclusion.
The arm of time will always find me,
there’s always something to
  remind me…
That innocence it has no place,
  the path I’m on that I have
  chosen to embrace
a different point of view, never
  ending story, who gets the glory

And what you fear will give you
  Life, cause every promise has
  its price.
And on the other side its waiting…


"Sometimes the pressure and
temptations of the world can slowly
harden our hearts, giving the enemy
opportunity to pull us down, making
us ineffective….but the Hand of
God will always defeat darkness"

STAMPEDE (Instrumental)


The way things appear seems so
  sincere…but it’s not enough.
We make all the right moves, we
  say all the right things…but
  it’s not enough.
We can have all of the aces in the
  palm of our hands…but it’s
  just not enough, no
And the wisdom of man we think
  we understand…is not enough
I’ve made up my mind to live by
  Your design and follow You.
In my heart I can’t take another
  day away from You, You’ve been
  there with me all of the time

I’m living for You, how did I think
  that I could do it on my own…
I’m living for You, now I know that
  I will never be alone.

It doesn’t matter what we say,
  doesn’t matter what we do…
  it’s not enough
I could try to obtain, worldly gain
  …it’s not enough, no
All the works I have done, the
  battles I’ve won…it’s not
I could save all my money, but
  I can’t save myself…it’s never
  enough, no
You only know how much I
  needed You to rescue me
Now my life belongs to You, for all
  the times You’ve seen me through
  …You’ve been here for me
  all of the time.

I’m living for You, how did I think
  that I could do it on my own…
I’m living for You , now I’m with
  You I will never  be alone…
I’m living for You, I must be weak
  so I can be strong…
I’m living for you, no way I can do
  it on my own.

I could only hang on for so long,
  then I realized my life was all
Only by Grace can a man be made
  new, I’ve made my Choice, and
  I’m living for You.


"The Face of the Lord shall be
seen in all things, big or small"


What’s gonna happen to you;
When the things that you live for
  are suddenly gone
What’s gonna happen to you;
when the things you believe in
  are taken.
All of your days and all of your
  nights you spend waiting for
  something you know you will
  never obtain
Hear what I’m saying…

Don’t be afraid of the Thief in
  the night, there’s nowhere on
  earth you can hide
He’ll free you from chains and
  steal you away,
Don’t be afraid…yield to the
  Thief in the night

What’s gonna happen to you,
when the wall all around you
  are closing fast
what’s gonna happen to you,
when the bottom falls out from
  below you.
Safe from the knife, feeling no
  pain yu go searching for
  clues how to win this
  ridiculous game everybody is

Do you hear what I’m sayin’!!!
  are you listening…

What’s gonna happen to you,
when the ship you’ve been waiting
  for doesn’t come in
What’s gonna happen to you
  when you’ve come to the end of
  of the line


Like a Thief in the Night, Jesus will
come…"in an instant we will
take our place with Him".


We are the people o this time,
  you and I,
We are the keepers of the rhyme
  and reason
We are the people of this time,
We are believers in the Right.
Everymorning that I wake up to
  face another day, another set
  problems always seem to
  come my way.
It would be so easy to let it all pass
  by, but another generation
  can’t get left behind.
If you are with me, I am with you

We  are the people of this time,
  you and I,
We are the keepers of the rhyme
  and reason.
We are the people of this time,
We are believers on the ride, here
  and now.

Everywhere I turn, another
  warning sign,
I think about the world that I will
  leave behind
Come back, comeback, this
  moment is calling, we cannot
  be strangers anymore
If you are with me, I am with
  you now


We are the voice like an echo that
  cries, are You near me, leaving
  behind this moment in time,
  do You hear me


"Let our legacy be that of peace,
tranquillity and wisdom".


In the midst of a stormy winters
  night, when you’re out in the
  cold, who do you turn to, to
  make you feel warm.
When you’ve done everything that
  you can do and it’s  still not
  enough, who’s gonna be there,
  to save you from the fall.
Listen to His still small voice that
  calls from inside…
It will lead you to the Truth that
  only He can provide.
Let the weight of the world be
  lifted by the Love
  He has shown…
for it is finished, no longer will our
  lives be our own.

It is done, it was a Miracle of Love…
It is done, given to us from above.
Cause life has not meaning if
  we’re living apart…
he came to carry all the cares of
  my heart…it is done.

When the world has a way of
  making us feel lost and alone,
  who do you turn to, to make
  you feel strong.
And when the path that we have
  chosen seems to lead us astray
who’s gonna guide you back,
  back where we belong.
And don’t try to win what has
  already been won, because
  your life had been redeemed
  before it ever begun.
Lay down your life, let the old
  man die…
You can’t do it on you won so
  don’t even try.
It is done.


it is done, it was a Miracle of Love…
It is done, a new life has begun.
Cause life has no meaning if
  we’re living apart…
He came to carry all the cares of
  my heart…it is done

"It was a miracle of Love..
it is finished"

ALL SONGS WRITTEN by John and Dino Elefante, except for "Holiest One"…John and Dino Elefante, Tony Palacios.
ALL SONGS PUBLISHED by Benefante Music, BMI, 1990
(following each song) by John and Dino Elefante

OUR LOVE AND THANKS TO: Danny and Nora Elefante; Coni and Michelle Elefante; Dick Bennett and David "right now" Del Sesto, our brothers of different mothers; Donna Del Sesto, Charles Gates; our teammates Mike and Jeff;…and our friends, Dave Amato!, Gill Griffith, John Pierce, Pat Amato, Matt Salazar, Steve Anderson, John Banuelos, Glen Pierce, Mike Campion, Doug Biden, John Schriener,, Steve and Brenda White, Brenda Palacios, Bob Hartman; all our friends and family at Word (to name a few)…Roland Lundy, Tome Ramsey, Steve Sutton, Rob Dean, Grady Baskin, Linda and Susan, Kathy H. and Beth; John Moore and David Malme at Regency for the boost; Richard Green; Special love and thanks to our pals for life, Tony Palacios and David Bach (Guardian); and to our friends in the Media who have supported us before Pakaderm Records was a reality and without whom, Pakaderm Records could not exist…we make this Music for you and your listeners/readers; may we always give you what you want.

Special thanks to Grandpa Lawrence from Mike for the years of Love and Joy.

PRODUCED BY: John and Dino Elefante. ARRRANGED BY: John and Dino
Elefante ENGINEERED BY: Mike Mireau, John Elefante; this project was mixed using the Eventide H-3000, Pakaderm Custom…thanks to Gil Griffith

ADDITONAL ENGINEERING: Jeff Simmons (thanks for your efforts on Halo)
MASTERING: Bob Ludwig, masterdisk/New York
VOCALISTS: Dave Amato, Tome Bowes, John Elefante, James Dean Longacre.
BACKING VOCALS: John Elefante, Dave Amato, Bob Carlisle.
GUITARS: Tony Palacios (plays Ibanez Guitars); Dino Elefante, Dave Amato, Michael Thompson, Steph Burns.
BASS: John Pierce, Dino Elefante
KEYBOARDS: John Elefante, John Andrew Schriener
DRUMS: David Raven, Phil Rowland, Mack Jack
RECORDED AT: Pakaderm Studios…Los Alamitos, CA
ALL SONGS PUBLISHED BY Benefante Music, BMI, 1990

And to all of the mystery guests whose names we are unable to list due to the usual legal entanglement, thanks!!!

TO YOU WHO ARE NOW READING THESE WORDS. Our life’s work…all our days of labor and sleepless nights, utilizing the talents and gifts of the Lord, spent to bring you the best music we can, is to Glorify Him and rock for you.  Thanks, John and Dino Elefante

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