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[05/28/05] New "Best Of" release forthcoming
John has announced a "Best of" project with 4 new songs to be released later in 2005. One of the new songs will be co-written by Richard Page formerly of Mr. Mister, and another will be a new rock version of the Kansas classic, "Dust In The Wind"!

[03/01/02] Release extremely delayed
There is still no street date for John's new album. After the closing of the record label he was on, he is still to my knowledge unsigned. I suppose sometime this year he will have an album out, but I really don't know at this point.

[03/26/01] (updated) John working on new "ROCK" solo album!
Details are few at this point but he should be releasing a new ROCK album. It is in essence replacing the Mastedon project, as it doesn't make much sense to call a rock album "Mastedon" when you can just have John's name recognition for it.

[10/14/99] John will be performing at The Lamb's Theater in NY City (201-847-1292) Sunday November 7th. This show will be broadcast about a week later from FM radio (WAWZ 99.1 Zarephath NJ) on Saturday November 13th at 9PM Eastern.

[10/09/99] John's brand new official web site can be found at www.JohnElefante.com At last check, it was not finished yet. Check often, as they will be offering merchandise and other things from the site!

[10/09/99] John's new album Defying Gravity was released on September 21st. The reviews for the album have been overwhelmingly positive. Such a surprise!

[08/05/99] New Audio Clips! I have just added four "mp3" sound clips from John's upcoming album. These are edited samples of songs, not complete tracks. They are in high quality, but not quite CD quality. Go to the Sounds Page for details.
[Disclaimer: John Elefante has authorized the availability of edited mp3 sound clips on this site.]

[07/25/99] John will be singing all the lead vocals on the future Mastedon project. It will be all new songs, and will be released sometime in the first half of 2000. Is this great news or what!?

[07/25/99] Here is the track listing for Defying Gravity

1. If You Just Believe
2. Pass The Flame
3. The Stream
4. Defying Gravity
5. The Truth, the Life
6. The Way That You Love Me
7. Exit 39
8. Home With A View
9. Don't Leave The Band
10. Give It All Away

[05/25/99] John's next album will be called Defying Gravity and will be released by Pamplin Music on September 21st 1999.

[01/14/99] A message from John sent by someone on the John Elefante e-mail list

I want to let you know that we (Dino and I) are well into a new record in which a ton of prayer by myself and many others have been praying about, and I must say without sounding boastful that I think it will be my best work ever if I can pull it together lyrically, it is sorta of a mixed bag of all the styles of music I've always done from Mastedon, Kansas, to Corridors and some ground I've never attempted but still 90's whatever that is. I have ditched the word "dated" from my vocabulary because the best music of all time many alternative people would deem dated. Least to say I haven't been this exited about my work (our work God and me) in a long time. Please through your internet sources get as many people praying about this record as you can, and feel free to pass this letter on to whom you please.

Keep Jesus #1
sincerely, John Elefante

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There is a great exclusive interview with John Elefante by Paul Braoudakis. Paul has graciously sent us this exclusive July 97 interview which is absolutely fantastic. To read it click here

John Elefante's latest album Corridors was released in May 1997 by Pamplin Music.

Pamplin Music has started the Official John Elefante Web Site. The URL is http://www.pamplinmusic.com/john.elefante/

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