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[05/28/05] New "Best Of" release forthcoming
John has announced a "Best of" project with 4 new songs to be released later in 2005. One of the new songs will be co-written by Richard Page formerly of Mr. Mister, and another will be a new rock version of the Kansas classic, "Dust In The Wind"!

Albums John appears on with Lead Vocals

(Click titles for lyrics)
John Elefante Windows Of Heaven
John Elefante Corridors
My Utmost For His Highest II: Devotions (duet w/ Lisa Bevill "I Will Follow You")
Mastedon It's a Jungle Out There (3 songs)
Mastedon Lofcaudio (5 songs)
St.Elmo's Fire Movie Soundtrack (one song "Young And Innocent")
Various Artists Voices (duet with Kim Boyce "Helpless")
California Metal (Mastedon one song "Wasn't It Love" not on any Mastedon albums)
California Metal 2 (Mastedon one song "Get Up" from It's A Jungle Out There)
Kansas Vinyl Confessions
Kansas Drastic Measures
Kansas Best Of Kansas (One non-album Elefante Kansas song)
Halo Halo (duet on the song "Skyrocket")
Rock Power Praise: The Hymns (duet on "He's Got the Whole World In His Hands")
Rock Power Praise II: The Christmas Hymns ("Silent Night")
Sandi Patty Le Voyage (duet on "Home Will Find You")
Petra Petra Praise II: We Need Jesus (one song "We Need Jesus")
Who Do You Listen To (Mastedon one song "Sex") Movie by Josh McDowell
Various Artists Artists Acappella (One song "We Need Jesus")
Nikki Leonti Shelter Me (one duet "Love One Another")
John Elefante Defying Gravity
Vestal (Goodman) & Friends Vestal & Friends 1
Vestal (Goodman) & Friends Vestal & Friends 2 (duet on "They Will Know Us By Our Love)
David Byerley Only Good Things (main lead vocal on "Not By Might")
Natalie Grant Worship With Natalie Grant & Friends (one song "Agnus Dei")
Upcoming projects with John on Lead Vocals:

John Elefante - Best of John Elefante 2005

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